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09 Oct 2016 | Events

Conference "Future Brake Systems Wink At The Environment"

14TH OCTOBER 2016, KILOMETRO ROSSO SCIENCE AND TECNOLOGY PARK - Brembo, world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems, has been working for several years in the development of innovative technologies that respect the environment as much as possible. During the conference, Brembo will present three major research and development projects in which it is involved: they all share the objective of accelerating the research, development and validation of methodologies and technologies that allow an efficient use of clean technologies in road transport. The projects, funded by the European Commission, are developed in collaboration with major industrial realities and with important worldwide research institutes and universities. In order to provide a complete view of how collaboration between industrial and research institutes nonprofit can accelerate technological innovation while ensuring a benefit in terms of socio-environmental, the following topics will be addressed and discussed: introduction to the theme of the particulates, the evolution of the European regulation of vehicular emissions, techniques for the assessment of the impact of the powders, foundations of tribology, how to measure the quality of the air and, finally, the presentation of three cases/projects coordinated by Brembo (Cobra, Lowbrasys, Rebrake).

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